Why every grower needs an all-in-one formula

In this community, we celebrate and share tips on how to successfully grow cannabis, because as many of us here in the platform already know, growing is no easy task. We are all very familiar with the constant worry behind it. The continuous measuring of pH levels, additives and separate components make what should be a fun and rewarding thing, a taxing and almost even boring task. Growing should not be a thing that makes us worry or stress. We, at Druid, believe that fun and carefree farming makes for an even better plant. Nobody knows what a plant needs better than the plant itself. If we control their needs by controlling the timing in which we add nutrients, we run the risk of the crop not achieving its full potential. With this in mind, we came up with an all-in-one formula that provides the plats with whatever they may possibly need.

After a rather long research period, covering oceans and rainforests, we managed to select and balance our ingredients carefully to make sure your crops only get the highest quality nutrients and minerals.

Druid’s “Berkana” is a revolutionary growth and bloom universal fertilizer, this “all-in-one” all-purpose fertilizer has a wide range of applications. Whether you like to grow in soil, coco coir or any kind of hydroponics, Druids full-cycle formula will not disappoint.

Druid’s easily soluble formula contains a full spectrum of mineral and trace elements. Besides being rich in amino and fatty acids, it also contains phytonutrients and fruit oils. Your plants will get everything they need from start to finish with just one bag of Druid’s balanced dry formula Berkana.

Berkana makes it possible for the plant to transport the nutrients to all its cells. It enhances and activates the metabolism of the plants. This leads to a boosted immune system. The plants are now able to defend themself against pests and nasty diseases like powdery mildew. To defend itself the plant produces phytonutrients like alkaloids, tannins, cannabinoids and terpenes. Which is exactly what we want and need to happen!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Berkana guarantees success, resulting in increased cannabinoid and terpene levels beyond anything you have experienced.

We are also very proud of our enhancer: “Jera”. Jera is an enhancer that helps growers get through the phases of plant life in which they don’t require actual nutrients. Think of the first weeks of a seedling’s life. Or the end flush, for example. These are stages ich which you would want to cut all nutrients. And that is exactly when Jera performs its best!

Jera is 100% biological and thus will not show any values on PPM/EC meters. Plus, since Jera is integrated in Berkana, there is no need to use both at the same time. Jera is also plays as an excellent root stimulator, ideal to use for rooting clones!

In Druid, we have a great passion not only for growing, but also for nature. For some reason many tend to forget that plants used to grow way before we came into the picture. Plants, much like us, have instincts. And it is these instincts that will drive them to a healthy and successful growth. Therefore, it does not make much sense for us to intervene. We believe that our job is to simply aid nature do what it does best: bloom.

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