If you’re reading this, you might already be familiar with our brand and concept. It is known that here at Druid, we believe in nature and organic growth. We are firm believers that tending to nature’s needs will reward us with spectacular results. And as much as we would like to take full credit for this idea, we were not the first ones to come up with it.

You might be intrigued by our brand’s name: “Druid”.

Many may think that it is nothing but that: a brand name, But it is, in fact, way more than that.

Centuries ago, in ancient Europe, a group of Celtic origin believed that nature was the key to life. Their religion was based on the idea that they could gain strength in becoming one with wildlife. Dotted “guardians of the wilderness” these people made it their life’s work to protect nature at all costs. Their name? “Druids”.

The original Druids sought a naturally balanced state of being that was beyond civilization. Although they did have some sort of brotherhood amongst one another, their true loyalty laid with Mother Nature. Power is something that was never in their interest: they were devoted servants. Because of this, they never really had a specific place to call home and would travel all over Europe bringing their knowledge to several different areas.

They were called “healers”. Their understanding of nature allowed them to resort to plants to treat their mind, body and soul. So soon enough, the greatest civilizations started recognizing and appreciating their abilities.

After about five centuries, with the rising of Christianity, their culture was lost. Only for it to resurface again in the 18th century. Proving that theirs is not a story of what was, but rather of what it could be.

Much like the original Druids, we, as a company, wish to achieve a way to help nature run its course. As it should. We wish to provide and tend to nature, so it can achieve its full potential. Our goal is not to intervene. Our goal is to assist.

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