The art of farming

Over the course of several centuries people have been focused on perfecting the art of farming. People want efficiency, quantity and quality. Most of all, people want good and healthy plants to suffice this demand. But the experts know that it’s easier said than done.

For anyone starting out in farming the first thing that comes to mind is watering and sun exposure. Most of us are aware of how photosynthesis works, so, logically, that should do the trick, right? Soon enough any young farmer will realize that this is not nearly enough.

Plants, much like us humans, need nutrients. Calcium, Potassium, and Iron are some of the several chemicals plants need to grow. Some nutrients are needed in greater quantities than others, but they’re all necessary for a healthy plant life.
So knowing this, farmers start experimenting with components and additives to help plants get to their full potential. To successfully do this, one must get acquainted with the plant life cycle (which is different for every plant type) and a great deal of chemistry. We won’t bother denying that measuring and dosages can result in a perfectly good crop. After all, that’s the way it’s been done for years. However, we do believe that somewhere along the line, things got too complicated.

Monitoring plants can quickly become a tiring task. One may make the greatest effort to give the plant what it needs and still fail at making it grow happily. This means that all the added supplements, fertilizers and nutrients, may just be a waste of time, money and effort.

As much as we wish we could just bring out the formulas, do the math and get the perfect result, this is not quite how nature works. Nature is effortless and unpredictable; and although it may not be precise, it is still very much perfect.

The more we put our hands in it the less we make it organic. This is when Druid comes in.

With an all-in-one dry formula, this product will provide your plants with all the nutrients they may ever need. With this type of formula, the plant itself will choose and take what it needs the moment it needs it. No need for us to step in; just simply assist.

Let’s let nature take the reins again!
After all,
Mother (nature) knows best!

Join the Druid family,
We make farming easy.

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