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Druid Berkana is an all-in-one component plant nutrition that contains a balanced and full-spectrum mix of nutrients such as (an)organic complexed minerals, trace elements, amino acids, lipids obtained from plant extracts; everything a plant needs to grow healthy and big. Berkana is a mix of DRY granules and is presented in a pouch that passes easily in the mailbox.

Druid Jera is an enhancer of the plant metabolism and booster of the immune system. It is not a nutrition but a mix of growth and blossom stimulation that is used in sub-optimum growing situations for the more professional grower. It can be used with all the existing NPK formulations. The plant will be able to increase the uptake of the nutrients and protect itself against plagues, fungi and insects. Jerra is also a mix  DRY granules.

  • Both formulas Berkana and Jera, are DRY granules, so no more carrying with cannister and bottles and saving money on transport.
  • Both formulas are ALL-IN-ONE ready to use, water soluble formulas that are presented as a 1 component plant nutrition
  • Both formulas include the necessary growth and bloom stimulator
  • The water keeps clean and does not cause clogging of the system

Cost of transport for heavy cannisters and bottles is expensive, complicated and attracts the attention of people. Dry formulas are 90% more concentrated and fit in a pouch that fits in all mailboxes.

By using all kind of booster and stimulators and other additives, there always are a lot of left over products that cannot be used again for the next season. By using the all in one formula there are no leftovers. Neither it is possible to make mistakes when dosing all those different products during different phases of the plant growth. 

  • The full spectrum of everything a plant needs is included in the Berkana and Jera mixes.
  • The plant is able to perform in the best possible way under suboptimal conditions and biotex stress because nutrients are activated and metabolized at cell-level.
  • Dry formula in pouches that fit in mailboxes.
  • Easy and ready to use at all growth phases of the plant.
  • Avoiding mistakes of mixing the wrong dose of certain additives and jeopardizing the harvest because the balanced mix of Druid products simply does not allow to make mistakes.
  • Very simple growing scheme
  • Stable products at a pH between 5 and 7

Berkana also contains NPK mineral fertilizers, Jera doesn’t. Berkana and Jera have in common the balanced mix of trace elements, amino acid, lipids and humic compounds that provide the enhancing effect.


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