Druid, Cost Effective?

But, but Druid is expensive stuff!
Is that really so? 
Let’s talk about this for a minute…
From seed to harvest on nothing more than 2 bags… 

Jera: to use when you don’t need nutrients in your solution, this conditions the water so you don’t get PH issues, it is organic and therefore will not show any value on a PPM/EC meter.

Dosage: 0.05grams/liter so a small bag will last a long time🌿

Berkana: the actual nutrient, use it at the same values you normally use…
Keep in mind that Jera is in Berkana too, so don’t use them together… 

Dosage: 1gram/liter will give 1.2Ms/cm (600PPM) which is an appropriate value for adult vegging plants.
For the flower stage, it depends on what strain you are growing to know how much to add…

Sativa’s-> 1.5gram/liter

Hybride’s-> 1.75gram/liter

Indica’s-> 2gram/liter

Knowing how much you need to use, helps to calculate the costs of a full cycle…
If one considers all this, Druid isn’t so expensive as it initially seems…
I’m not saying it’s “cheap” or “cheaper” but you get a high quality product in return, which is very easy to use… 

Weigh, mix, use… The results speak for themselves… 

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