The Perfect Crop

Dear friends & family,

All farmers, no matter how different they might be from one another, are looking for the same thing. The perfect crop. 
The perfect crop is a product of great work and effort. Each plant has special requirements, making it almost impossible to measure exactly what each one needs. Sure, one could crunch the numbers and provide the plant with the amount we think is best, but is the plant truly reaching its full potential? 

We, at Druid Nutrients, believe in nature. We believe that no one knows what the plant needs better than the plant itself. 
Plants can grow everywhere, without any help from us really. They know what they need, when they need it and how they need it. And if its available to them, they’ll just simply take it. So that’s exactly what we do with our products. We make it available to them. 

We designed a range of dry-formulas with a balanced mix of all the nutrition and growth stimulators. We make our clients happy by making their plants happy.

In collaboration with an international team of experienced scientists, we can confirm that we have cracked the code of plant nutrition and incorporate years of research into our products. Our scientists have visited all kinds of places in the world where life originates: The amazons, rainforests and deep oceans. We studied the phenomena that makes plants grow stronger, healthier, and resistant. We embraced the lessons that nature offers and extracted the components that ensure a healthy plant life.

BERKANA of Druid Nutrition is the most complete and cost effective all-in-one full-cycle nutritional solution for your plants! It is not longer needed to dose and mix more than 15 different types of products such as bloom nutrients, root stimulators or boosters.

With our all-in-one component not only do we make your job as a grower easier, but we let nature run its course in the best way possible. Everything your plants may ever need can be found in just one bag of Druid Nutrients.

No more separate components.
No more additives.
No more liquid formulas. 

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We make farming easy.

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